About us

Smart Gambler is not just another site that recommends this casino, that site or this game.

This site was created to help people that like online gambling make the most out of their time, and to have fun not only gambling, but also doing it right.
The sole purpose of this site is to make casino players convenient, know what they are up against, what are the odds, and where should they get the best bonuses and chances to win.

If you check the internet, most of the sites are looking to share some strategy, or to give you bonuses only so that you will go and play the casino they promote.
We will give you exclusive bonuses to go to a new and exciting casino, or to try a new cool game, but we also want you to be on top of your stuff from the psychological side of the thing.

We all know there are people with gambling problems, so we really mean to take that from the psychological perspective, so on top of great casino games and offers, you can chill down and read some interesting stuff on the psychological aspects of the game.
On top of that, we have a genuine knowledge about the online casino world, so we would like you as our visitor to benefit from that.

And if you do, we would love that others that like gambling, and you know them, also will benefit from that.
Please be advised, if you have any issue or gambling problems, contact our site management and we will assist you if needed, because we are all eventually doing that for our pleasure.


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